9 Must Try Dishes & 5 Tips before You Visit Martin's Corner Goa

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Goan, Indian, Oriental & Continental. 


₹1500-2000 Average Meal for Two


All Days: 11:30 am - 3:30pm & 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm.


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About Martin's Corner Goa

What started as a small eatery with four tables is now an award-winning multi-cuisine restaurant, a favourite of celebrities in India and abroad.

Famous for its seafood, especially in authentic Goan cuisine, but also available in North Indian, Continental and Oriental cuisines.

If you’re staying in South Goa, and are not too far from Martin’s Corner - it’s surely worth planning a trip for your next Goa visit. It will surely give you another reason to come back!

Ambiance at Martin's Corner

Martin’s Corner Goa has a simple look and rustic feel, with a certain old-world charm. Other than the food, there’s not much else fancy about this restaurant.

The walls at Martin’s Corner are decorated with numerous photos of actors, politicians, sports persons and other famous fish caught-up in Mrs. Pereira’s culinary net.

With a seating capacity of 300 people, most evenings & Sunday’s at Martin’s Corner Goa are accompanied with peppy LIVE music and entertainment.

More About Martin’s Corner

Mrs. Carafina Pereira is the owner and the woman behind Martin’s Corner Goa.

She started the restaurant in 1989 with her sons, in memory of her late husband Martin, who sadly passed away in the same year.

Mrs. Pereira’s recipes, with the hard work of her and her sons, has made Martin’s Corner amongst the most visited restaurants in Goa over the last 30 years. Mrs. Pereira has also received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her work at Martin’s Corner Goa at the International Cuisine Conference 2007.


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9 Must Try Dishes at Martin's Corner Goa

If you're looking to visit Martin's Corner Goa, be sure to try these most reviewed dishes at Martin's Corner Goa!

Fish or Prawns cooked in coconut curry and local spices, served on a bed of rice. A must have each time you're in Goa.

Fish & Prawn Curry Rice

A classic goan dish from the Portuguese era, packed with spices.

Chichen Xacuti

Also available in other preparations - ask the waiters for more!

King Fish Masala Fry

Sachin Tendulkar's favourite dish at Martin's Corner Goa. King Crab is also available in butter garlic preparation.

King Crab Masala

Tender, juicy, flavourful and fiery - these delicious Goan pork chops are best eaten with plain rice or bread.

Goan Pork Chops

Hot and tangy, authentic Goan sausages are made with pork, vinegar, garlic, hot chili peppers and spices.

Goan Sausages

A must have in rainy Goa weather. Small beef pieces cooked with potatoes, ginger, garlic, tumeric, peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon and more!

Goan Beef Chilly Fry

Goa's traditional Christmas pudding of choice, made of seven layers including plain flour, sugar, ghee, egg yolk and coconut milk.


Literally translating from Portuguese as 'saw dust', this time-tested desert is made of two layers of sweetened whipped cream and fine powdered tea biscuits.


Top 5 Dining Tips for Martin's Corner Goa



Make a Reservation!

Martin’s Corner is usually packed during peak season and weekends.

So if you’re planning on visiting during either - it’s advisable to call and book your reservation before hand.

Best time to visit Martin's Corner Goa if you're not doing advance booking may be between 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm for lunch and between 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm for dinner.



A Pure Goan Gastronomic Delight!

Martin's Corner Goa is best known for it's seafood, especially authentic goan cuisine.

It's no secret that Sachin Tendular loves the King Crab at Martin's Corner Goa, but their Prawn Curry, Xacuti, King Fish, Sorpotel, Vindaloo and Goan Sausage are also exceptionally well reviewed.

You can also end your meal with authentic Goan deserts including Bebinca and Serradura, or the Goan-fusion Tender Coconut Soufflé.



Live Music Every Evening & Sundays

If you like music it's best to visit Martin's Corner Goa during the evenings or on Sunday.

Every evening and on Sundays they have a live band who'll sing your favorite retro tunes. You can also request songs or sing along!



Peak Hour Service Pains

Should you find Martin’s Corner packed during your visit, you may not end up being the biggest fan of their service.

You may have to remind them a couple of times for your order, your food may take a while, the food and drinks may not come together, the bill may take a while and all the peak hour pains at many crowded restaurants.



Probably the Most Lively Place in South Goa

While South Goa has its benefits, it also has its drawbacks, which is too much peace and quiet.

With its uber lively atmosphere, with many diners being locals, live music, incredible food and more- a visit to Martin’s Corner Goa is sure to chase any South Goa blues away!

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