18 Things to Know before Booking Your Angriya Cruise Mumbai to Goa Cruise

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Angriya Cruise

If you're looking to book your Mumbai to Goa cruise with Angriya Cruise - be sure to read these 18 things you should know before booking your Mumbai to Goa cruise tickets online.

From ticket price, ship type, rooms, route, on-board food, drinks, entertainment, healthcare, cleanliness, payments and more - travel smart with Go-Goa.Guide!

Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Two Nights

Rs. 15,000 onwards for two people

Mumbai to Goa Cruise

18 Things to Know before Booking Angriya Cruise



Angriya Cruise costs Rs. 15,000 onwards for two people to sail from Mumbai to Goa.


Ship Type

Angriya Cruise sails what is more of a passenger vessel, and not a cruise vessel.



The rooms on Angriya Cruise are not as good as Jalesh Cruise, with even the most expensive sea view window cabins not offering privacy.



Angriya Cruise sails within Indian territorial waters, which is within 10 km of the Indian coastline.


On-Board Food & Drinks

You may be disappointed with the food & drinks on both Angriya Cruise. It's not worth the money you'll pay.


Bring Your Own Food & Drinks

You're not allowed to bring your own food, alcoholic beverages or even water on-board Angriya Cruise.


On-board Entertainment

Angriya Cruise offers an on-board swimming pool, DJ, live music, disco, restaurant, bar & spa.


On Board Healthcare

Angriya cruise does not have a doctor or medicines on board. In fact you may be hard pressed to even find a toothbrush.


On-Board Cleanliness

The on-board cleanliness on Angriya Cruise have been reviewed poorly in the past, especially cleanliness in the public washrooms.



There are no additional gratuity fees payable on-board when sailing with Angriya Cruise.


On-Board Payment

On-board payment on Angriya Cruise is in Indian rupees. Cash is not accepted, one has to purchase a pre-paid on-board expenses card.


Ride Quality

Passengers on Angriya Cruise Mumbai to Goa have mentioned often on boat rocking or swinging, especially at night.


Mobile Network

You'll have mobile network during most of your journey when sailing with Angriya Cruise Mumbai to Goa.


Check-in Bags

On Angriya Cruise your check-in bags will only be available in Goa. So be sure to pack all your nightly essentials in your carry-on bag.


Boarding Experience

Angriya Cruise has a fairly chaotic boarding & disembarking exprience, with passengers not queing up as one would hope.


Mixed Crowd

On Angriya Cruise (and even Jalesh Cruise), you may find people not queing up in lines and jumping in the pool with clothes on.


Arrival & Departure Time

Angriya Cruise departs Mumbai at around 4 pm, and arrives in Goa at around 7 am, with passengers spending two nights on board.


Unreliable Schedule

Should Angriya Cruise cancel the cruise for whatever reason, you will not even receive a phone call, only a last minute sms.