7 Tips before Booking Your Stay at Cidade de Goa

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Cidade de Goa

Amongst the best hotels in Goa, if you’re looking to check in to Cidade de Goa be sure to read these tips before booking your stay.

It may be amongst the best places to stay in Goa, but it may not be the best for you. So be sure to read the tips below and maximise your stay at Cidade de Goa or other best hotels in goa.


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1. Go for Rooms in the Heritage Wing


If you wish to see, hear and feel the ocean for every moment of your stay at Cidade de Goa. Designed to take you back to Goa’s Portugese era, these quaint multi-level villas literally hug the coastline of Vainguinim Beach, are an architectural delight to behold and have a 'view to kill’.

With lush green lawns which open out to the pool or beach, as well as private sit-out balconies and blue-sky terraces on higher floors - all rooms in Cidade de Goa’s Heritage Wing offer a mesmerizing ocean experience.

Wake up to an infinite blue ocean and enjoy your nights under the stars. With the melody of waves breaking at the beach as your constant companion, it’s hard not to reach a certain ‘happy place’ when staying at the Heritage Wing of Cidade de Goa.

2. Go for Rooms in the New Wing


If you wish to stay in a nicer, larger, newer and more modern five star room during your stay at Cidade de Goa - ask for a room in the New Wing.

While the Heritage Wing rooms are surely worth the stay, they are nearly 30 years old and may require walking up stairs.

Also being as close to the sea, the furniture, furnishing, electronics and nearly everything else in the room may appear run down. Second floor rooms in the Heritage Wing can also get quite hot during the day in summers.

The upper floors of the new wing will still offer your breathtaking sea views, but you may not be able to hear the sea waves as near, and you’ll have to walk through the resort to reach the pool and sea shore. The New Wing is also most suitable for the elderly, anyone with a walking problem and couples looking for more privacy.

3. A Near Private Beach with Watersports


Access to Vainguinim beach adjoining Cidade de Goa is mostly controlled via the resort.

This means that guests at Cidade de Goa can access a near private, pristine, safe and secluded beach which is regularly cleaned, maintained and secured by the resort.

However the beachfront is not too large, there are no shacks, shops or restaurants at the beach, and the water isn’t reviewed by guests as the most appealing to swim in.

You can still play cricket, football, frisbee, and there are a few watersports available as well.

4. You Can’t Really See the Sun Setting from this Resort


If you’re looking forward to seeing the sun fade into the sea each evening, you will not be able to do so from Cidade de Goa.

While Cidade de Goa has a near private beach, the beach / sea view is facing south-west, with there being nearly 1 km of land directly west before hitting the sea shore again.

So you won’t be able to see the sun set into the sea directly, but will surely be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset light show from the comfort of Cidade de Goa.

5. But You’re Not too Far from Miramar Beach and Dona Paula Jetty


While you may not be able to see the sun set into the ocean from Cidade de Goa, barely a 5 minute drive away is Miramar Beach, amongst Goa’s most popular beaches with a ner 3 km long soft sandy beach front lined with shops, shacks and an array of water sports.

Also nearby is the Dona Paula Jetty offering multiple restaurants and breathtaking views.

6. Beware of the Wedding Season


It’s advisable to check if there is a wedding or corporate event during the time of your planned stay at Cidade de Goa.

If so you may want to pick a higher floor room in the new wing so as to be least inconvenienced by the festivities.

7. Expect Hospitality that Will Keep You Coming Back


The staff at Cidade de Goa are amongst the best in Goa and the World. You’ll find it hard to find one guest who has anything bad to say about the staff, room and guest services at Cidade de Goa.

So get ready to be pampered like Royalty as you check in to Cidade de Goa.

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