22 Things to Know before Booking Your Mumbai to Goa Cruise.

If you’re looking to book your Mumbai to Goa cruise, be sure to read this blog post before booking your Mumbai to Goa cruise tickets on Jalesh Cruise or Angriya cruise online.

Mumbai to Goa Cruise - Jalesh Cruise or Angriya Cruise?

We all want to feel the open ocean breeze, with pristine ocean sunrises, sunsets, immaculate milky way views, and extreme pampering in between.

But there may be many a slip between the cup and the lip when you take a Mumbai to Goa cruise. So if you’re looking to book a Mumbai to Goa Cruise on Jalesh Cruise or Angriya Cruise, we’ve covered the 8 similarities and 14 differences of these two Mumbai to Goa cruise liners below.

Mumbai to Goa Cruise

14 Differences Between Jalesh Cruise & Angriya Cruise



Jalesh Cruise costs Rs. 40,000 onwards for two people while Angriya Cruise costs Rs. 15,000 onwards for two people.


Ship Type

Jalesh Cruise operate a very old cruise ship while Angriya Cruise is more of a passenger ship.



Jalesh Cruise offers more private sea view rooms, including rooms with sit-out balconies and dorms with luxury pods for larger families.



Jalesh Cruise sails in international waters, while Angriya Cruise sails within 10 km of the Indian coastline.


Ride Quality

Jalesh Cruise offer a bette ride quality in comparison to Angriya Cruise with lesser ship rocking and swinging.



On Jalesh Cruise you have to compulsarily pay $12 per person per day, while on Angriya Cruise there are no additional gratuity fees.


On-Board Payment

On board payment on Jalesh Cruise is in United States dollars, while on Angriya Cruise it's in Indian rupees.


On-Board Cleanliness

Jalesh Cruise offers better on-board cleanliness and hygiene, with bathroom hygiene especially lacking in Angriya Cruise.


Mobile Network

You'll have mobile network during most of your journey when sailing with Angriya Cruise, but not when sailing with Jalesh Cruise.



Jalesh Cruise has an on-board Casino while Angriya Cruise does not have an on-board Casino.


Boarding Experience

Angriya Cruise has a fairly chaotic boarding & disembarking exprience, with passengers not queing up as one would hope.


On-board Theater 

Jalesh Cruise offers an on-board threater live performance, with the price of entry included for one night.


Check-in Bags

You have to carry your own check-in bags on Jalesh Cruise, while on Angriya Cruise your check in bags will only be available in Goa.


Staff & Flag

Jalesh Cruise is a Mauritius based company with international staff on-board, while Angriya Cruise is India-based with Indian staff.

Mumbai to Goa Cruise

8 Similarities Between Jalesh Cruise & Angriya Cruise


On-Board Food & Drinks

You may be disappointed with the food & drinks on both Mumbai to Goa cruise liners. What you'll eat or drink will not be worth the money you pay.


Bring Your Own Food & Drinks

On Both Jalesh and Angriya Mumbai to Goa Cruise you're not allowed to bring your own food, alcoholic beverages or even water.


On-board Entertainment

Both Mumbai to Goa cruise liners offer on-board swimming pools, DJ, live music, restaurants, bars & spa.


On Board Healthcare

Neither Mumbai to Goa cruise liner has a doctor or medicines on board. In fact you may be hard pressed to even find a toothbrush.


Mixed Crowd

On both the Mumbai to Goa cruise liners you may find people not queing up in lines and jumping in the pool with clothes on.


Arrival & Departure Time

Both cruise liners depart Mumbai at around 4 pm, and arrive in Goa at around 7 am, with passengers spending two nights on board.


Unreliable Schedule

Should either of the Mumbai to Goa cruise liners cancel the cruise, you will not even receive a phone call, only a last minute sms.


Overall Service Levels

The overall service levels on both Mumbai to Goa cruise liners are reviewed poorly for the price, with no in-room dining on either.