6 Must Try Dishes & 5 Tips before You Visit Curlies Goa

Images Courtesy Curlies Goa.


Continental, Italian, Isreali, Indian & Goan.


₹1250-1750 Average Meal for Two


All Days - 8:30 am to 3 am.


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About Curlies Goa

From a small beach shack to a top-tier Goa destination - Curlies Goa was and remains amongst the best places to visit in Goa.

Located on Anjuna beach, if you’re looking for a blissful getaway to watch the sunset into the sea and unwind - Curlies Goa is for you.

That is if they’re not having a party - in which case you’re in for a ride!

Ambiance at Curlies Goa

Offering a complete Goa holiday experience with 4 if not more cuisines, direct beach access, beautiful sea and sunset views, an array of water sports, a sound proof nightclub, shishas, pool table, a vibrant atmosphere and more - it’s hard not to enjoy when at Curlies Goa.

Spread across three levels, you can choose to be at the beachside recliners, the restaurant’s ground floor, or even better the restaurant’s first floor - each offering unhindered ocean access and views.

More About Curlies Goa

We personally prefer to be by the beachside recliners for sundown, moving to the first floor right after sundown.

But if you want the best tables on the first floor post sundown, you may need to grab them earlier.

Also if you’re looking for a lovely meal, or drinks and snacks while you watch the sunset - there may be no better place in Goa than the first floor of Curlies Goa!


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6 Must Try Dishes at Curlies Goa

If you're looking to visit Curlies Goa, be sure to try these most reviewed dishes at Curlies Goa!

If you visit in the right season - be sure to try any of the Crab preparations at Curlies Goa.

King Crab

From a selection of veg. pizzas to pizzas with goan sausages on top. All freshly baked pizzas are highly suggested at Curlies Goa.


A Portuguese-inspired Goan dish with an uber-flavorful green curry known as cafreal masala, made of coriander, cinnamon, cloves, cumin seeds, cardamom, vinegar, white rum and more.

Chicken Cafreal

Melt in your mouth, juicy, oven-seared beef fillet with red sauce and a side of creamy mashed potatoes.

Beef Steak

Get your prawns fix at Curlies Goa. Try the prawns in each preparation, including giant tandoori prawns.

Tandoori Prawns

If you've always wanted to eat lobster at not an exorbitant price, come over to Curlies Goa! Available in many preparations - ask the chef for your favourite!


Baked Lobster

Top 5 Dining Tips for Curlies Goa



Double Check Your Bill

It's good to double check your bill at Curlies Goa, especially if you've ordered a lot of things or were there for a while.

No malice by the incredible staff or anything, just that if their restaurant runs super busy, it's very much possible for human error to take place.

So it's always good to double check your bill when at Curlies Goa.



Curlies Goa Before and After Sunset

While Curlies Goa is a fairly family friendly place during the day, it may not be the best for young children or the elderly at night.

As the sun goes down, Curlies can often transform from a beachside restaurant to a semi-club with loud electronic music and UV lights.



Psychedelia and Electronic Music

Curlies Goa is full of psychedelia and electronic music. So if you're not the biggest fan of electronic music or psychedelic art, Curlies Goa may not be for you.

As example if you'd like to listen to Bollywood, Rock or Pop music on your Goa holiday - that may not be possible at Curlies Goa.

You may also find many people drinking and smoking, so if you're with young kids or anyone elderly, it's good to keep this in mind.



Private Dancefloor at Curlies Goa

If you do like to party, there is a private soundproof dance floor / small nightclub inside of Curlies Goa.

So you can start with drinks at sundown, and as the evening progresses, can always step aside from your table and enter an electric dance floor.

Only to return at your leisure to your reserved table at a buzzing seaside restaurant.



Parties at Curlies Goa

Curlies Goa is a hotspot for beachside parties in Goa.

If you’d like to attend one, good to check on their Facebook or Instagram accounts if there’s a party happening at Curlies during your next Goa holiday!

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